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Human Interaction

For the past little while I've been thinking about the themes of my creative thoughts. Well, I'm always thinking about my developing stories. They're seriously almost detached from me. I almost feel like the stories I want to write are just sort of floating around out there waiting for me to catch them so I can write them down. My characters don't do or say something because I think they should, it's because it's who they are.

Wow, this post is not going where I'd intended for it to go...but really, I'll often think, what would this character be doing or thinking in this situation. The other day I was sitting in a certain position and suddenly thought, Wow, A would sit like this quite often. If not that, I'll buy a shirt and realize that it's the kind of clothing that T wears.

Anyways, at this very moment in time, what I most want to explore in my artwork, whether it be in writing, film, animation, etc is human behaviour and human interaction. Witnessing a conversation between two people or chatting with someone I would never expect to chat with fills me with so much inspiration, so many questions. These also seem to be things I post about more than anything else.

I had an interesting experience earlier this week that I'd wanted to post about and this evening I've been watching a variety of short independent films and there was a particular short animation by Hayley Morris that I wanted to share because of how it related to my previous experience.

I helped an elderly man to find his way home the other day. I was on my way home from work and he was standing on the side of path just watching me. As I approached, I asked him if he needed anything and he told me he didn't know where he was. Fortunately, he had an envelope with his address on it and we were lucky enough that a man walking by stopped to look up the address on his iPhone. He found it on the map and gave us general directions. Now, the elderly man evidently had a scary development of Alzheimer's because it turns out his house was probably about a 3 minute walk from where I'd found him and up until we saw his neighbour's house he kept repeating that he didn't recognize anything and had no idea where he was. Fortunately it wasn't too terrible yet since he never forgot who I was. I can't imagine how I would have dealt if I'd had to explain what I was doing walking next to him. Fortunately, we found his house and he got home safely, but I dread to think what that Alzheimer's could turn into and how it will affect his friend's and family.

I know that my maternal grandmother didn't recognize family towards the end and now I know of someone else who's been so heavily sedated that she also hasn't recognized family. Up until this week, though, I haven't had much experience with Alzheimer's personally.

There's a beautiful metaphor of the disease in the video, Undone.