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A Bizarre Case of a Mistaken Identity

The strangest thing happened to me last week and I decided I just had to post about it because I've been having difficulties getting it out of my head.

First, I need to explain certain details of the situation. Just over a month ago I had a corrective jaw surgery, which involved both of my jaws being broken and reset to give me a proper bite in place of my former underbite. I was anesthetized the entire time and even now parts of my face are still swollen and numb. Because of my not-so-attractive current state, I've been pretty self-conscious and so I haven't gone out much in the past month.

Anyways, on with my story. Despite the fact that I haven't been going out much in public, I did make an exception to briefly stop in at the library with the intention of dropping off some overdue materials as well as picking up some holds, which I'd been looking forward to. (When you're stuck at home, the library is your best friend. Even more so than usual.) It would probably have been an uneventful visit if I didn't know a large portion of the people in the library. I'd worked there for three years and so I always recognized at least one of the staff and I usually say hi, smile or wave whenever I'm there. But since I didn't want anyone to see me because of my appearance (don't know what I was thinking. The library IS a public place and this is probably the busiest one in my city.) I wanted to get out of there as quickly as possible. Of course things didn't go the way I'd hoped and standing right next to where I was doing check-out were two staff members who I'd previously worked with. But instead of the regular greeting that I was expecting, I heard them talking about me and wondering if I was not me, but my sister!

Now I feel that another explanation is required. For the past year, according to other people with whom both my sister and I are acquainted (definitely not according to us or our family), my sister and I look very similar and we have been asked on multiple occasions if we are twins, which is incredibly frustrating since I happen to be nearly three years older than her. In other circumstances, our friends have mistaken me for her or vice versa. One time we were at an anime convention and my sister was wearing a mask and I noticed someone waving. I didn't know them, although they looked oddly familiar, so I assumed that she'd been waving at someone behind me. Later, my sister explained that she knew this girl from her art class and so when this girl approached me and began talking to me I quickly tried to explain that she had the wrong person and attempted to remove my sisters mask. Upon seeing my sister, without taking a break in what she was saying the girl responded with, "And...you're twins!" ...I really don't see it.

Anyways, many of the few people who have seen me since the surgery have wondered if I'll look more like my sister now since our bites and consequently our chins our more similar than ever. Obviously I am looking more like her because the next thing I knew at the library, one of my old coworkers was asking, "Are you Veronica's sister? You are, aren't you?!"

No words can describe how I felt. For a second, I was just like o_0. Now, usually I would probably have corrected her and told her that no, I'm actually Veronica, not her sister, but as I said earlier, I didn't want to stick around any longer than I had to so I just smiled and said hi. It wasn't that I was weirded out that someone thought I was my sister but mostly just the fact that that someone knew me better than my sister and not only that but had worked with me for three years!!! So being told by someone - not even just asked, but told - that you're not yourself, but rather you're sister, is a bizarre experience to say the least. I still don't know what to think of it...