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I love this

I had the day off yesterday and so was feeling pretty good. Just hung out around the house with my dog and worked on some things I'd been putting off for weeks. On days like these, I just feel so content and at peace with the world.

Anyways, I got all ready for what seems to be my weekly walk to the library with my dog and as I was leaving the back yard I spotted a DVD case of mine lying in the middle of the driveway, kinda squished and covered in snow. I can understand that it may have fallen out of a bag as I was carrying it into the house. (My parents are separated and I live in a different house each week.) The bizarre thing about this, though, is that since changing houses, my sister, my mother and myself had all walked by there several times each and none of us had noticed it. It's blue and pink and pretty hard to miss so what I want to know is why it appeared there on a Thursday afternoon when we hauled our bags through there on Sunday? Guess I'll add this to my list of personal unexplainable circumstances. Fortunately the DVD itself seems to be perfectly fine.

I apologized to my dog, grabbed the DVD, took it back inside, wiped it off and then headed out again for my walk. This delay probably took 5-10 minutes. As I was leaving the house I was thinking, I wonder if my walk will be much different because of the delay? Like the whole phenonomen shown in the movie Sliding Doors. While I doubt I've ever had an experience of catching a bus or train/not catching it that dramatically altered my life as much as it did for the lead in Sliding Doors I do like wondering about it sometimes. I don't believe that everything happens for a reason, but I like to think about it sometimes.

The first difference I did notice was that the elementary school right next to my house was just getting out so I would need to make my way through all the cars and people, which was a pain. Because of all the traffic, I ended up taking a different route than usual.

A little girl of about 9 was just ahead of me and she stopped to pet my dog. Not many people seem to be able to resist her...She asked the usual questions: what kind of dog, her name. We joked about how friendly she was and then I headed off again. Now, usually these small chats over dogs don't last more than the few moments it takes to pet the dog or have two dogs sniff each other's butts, but this girl was walking the same way as me and so we ended up walking together. We just talked about simple things. She asked me my name, told me her's. I asked her what grade she was in, told her about how I had the year off. Just a brief chat before she turned onto the road to her house.

I can't help being so grateful to my dog for being there for conversation starters such as these. What 9 year old kid would talk to a teenager/young adult walking by themself? I'm so happy now for the DVD lying in the snow. Talk about sacrificing material objects for more meaningful experiences. I just love when I'm able to talk to a complete stranger in a completely uncreepy way, whom I would otherwise never exchange a word with. This reminded me of why I love kids and is exactly the kind of thing that totally inspires me in my writing.

I don't care if this was a tl;dr or seemed like rambling. It was a precious experience for me and I wish these things happened more often.