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Today when I was babysitting a 5 year old boy he noticed my ring on the middle finger of my right hand and asked me when I was getting married. I explained that I wasn't and then he asked me, "But when will you get married?" I told him that I might never get married and asked why would he think that I would? He explained in a matter-of-fact way that when you become an adult you get married.

Now, he does tend to come up with some really random things that even his mother can't understand where he gets it from, but I found this really interesting how he seems to think that all adults get married and thought that I would know specifically when I'd be getting married now at 19. He didn't care who I'd be marrying, just when.

I suppose that a lot of adults he knows are married/have been married, but it's interesting to consider that this is yet another image engraved into childrens expectations. It's like how it was for me and I'm sure many other people growing up in your early years influenced by heteronormativity and believing everyone was attracted romantically (and when you get older, sexually) to the opposite sex and that one day you'll meet one person of the opposite sex and spend the rest of your life with them. Discovering the existence of homosexuality and then bisexuality and then again asexuality along with aromanticism changed my view of the world dramatically. I wonder when this expectation of his will change?

Perhaps this conversation made me think more than other people would have. I wonder if someone with plans to find their "one true love" would see this differently than me, an aromantic asexual with no plans whatsoever of being bound to one single person.