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Long term goals for the year of Sept. '10 to June '11

So in order to keep a check on myself, I am posting my long term goals for this upcoming school/work year. My hopes are high and I have the most wonderful feeling that this year is really going to be my year to blossom in a range of mediums I love working in and in which I hope to advance! I shall list my goals roughly in the order of most vital and most likely to complete to the less important.

1. Get a full time (or at least 2 part time) job(s) and work until about June 2010, possibly slightly later.

2. Work on and complete portfolio for university and register by late '10/early '11.

3. Apply for scholarships.

4. Take evening courses at Quickdraw, ACAD, and possibly Emmedia/CSIF. Focus on animation, film-making and computer programs such as Adobe After Effects and/or Photoshop.

5. Complete cosplay costumes of Black/Kuro, White/Shiro and the Minotaur from Tekkonkinkreet for Otafest, if not by November for Otafest Lite then by May for Otafest Otafest.

6. Work on writing projects and make good headway on at least one of the novels (currently 3 novel ideas, 1 short story and 1 script) Take advantage of NaNoWriMo!

7. Complete short film script to possibly submit in portfolio. (also work on other forms of pre-production. I will be blown away if I'm able to find some actresses and get if filmed, but this dream is unlikely to come true just yet)

8. Continue learning Japanese and Spanish in hopes of being able to read a decent amount of Japanese and being comfortable with speaking and understanding at least a third of Japanese spoken in animes. Hope to be comfortable speaking and writing Spanish. I'm hoping to be at these comfort levels by June.

9. Complete the storyboard for another short film idea and submit in portfolio.

10. Make a kinetic typography video to possibly submit in portfolio. But first, save up for Adobe After Effects and buy it!

11. Make films with The Dateless Penny!

12. Work on AMVs and other music videos (1 Soul Eater, 2 OHSHC, 1 Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind). Submit at least 2 AMVs into Otafest and possibly into other AMV contests.

13. Learn how to use photo editing programs like GIMP and/or Photoshop and create new images to add to DeviantArt possibly. Make some icons and backgrounds?

14. Contribute to hitRECord collaborations.

15. Learn more alphabets, such as Cyrillic, Greek, Hebrew, Arabic, etc.

16. Make some animations.

17. Take a Contiki trip around Europe.


holla at ya gurlfrand. (;
So let's see what I've accomplished/am working on right now...

I'm holding a full-time job; have almost completed my portfolio and can probably submit it by next week; completed one Quickdraw course and about to start another one; bought a variety of items for making cosplay costumes and have bought a Sewing for Dummies book (also a nice bonus: I threw together an unexpected cosplay for Otafest Lite in November!); brainstormed a ton for 2 novel ideas; kinda slacking with Japanese and haven't spent any time on Spanish; completed my storyboard and submitted it into my portfolio!; After Effects will need to wait...; brainstormed for icon/GIF ideas; have planned an animation for an Otafest contest and about to begin character designs.

You'd think I haven't had any time to do anything else! Let's see if I can be this productive between now and June!
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